Mean, Median, Mode and Range Rhyme

14 05 2008

Here is a fun rhyme to help you remember the three M’s and the R:

Hey diddle diddle, the median’s the middle,

You add then divide for the mean.

The mode is the one that you see the most,

And the range is the difference between.

Cool, huh?




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16 05 2008

To the tune of the french nursery rhyme Frere Jacques:

Mean is average, Mean is average,
Mode is most, Mode is most,
Median in the middle, Median in the middle,
Range High Low, Range High Low

16 05 2008

Well done MacMaths your Rhyme was so fab we decided to put a post on our blog! Well done once again.

15 12 2008
Aidan Johnson(malmesbury primary student)

I’m doing mode, median, mean and range in maths at the moment and i’ve come on here to help myself with my homework!!!

3 04 2009
Julie Haynes

In a rap type manner – ‘The mean’s gotta share!’

‘Mode most common!’

From here to there the mountain range – here – one hand out, to there – the other hand out and then jump as in an empty number line

19 05 2009

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21 06 2009

this is how i remember it :-

Add then devide the mean,
The median’s the one in in-between,
The mode is the one you see the most,
The range is the differen beetween.

20 10 2009

for homework i have to come up with a rap song can you help

20 10 2009

hears a good rap to help you guys out

mean is the averige meaian is the middle mode is the most its just a math riddle (*2)

2 12 2009

“mean the average, mode most offten, range the difference from the highest & the least, median is the number in the middle when you order from least to greatest”


15 09 2010


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