KS3 SATS Revision Games

14 05 2008

Why don’t all you year 9’s out there try out this.





12 responses

9 10 2008

i need help plz i am doing my sats and i need help for revising

10 05 2009

Me too, i have been on science bitsize, but they are not tht good!
HElP 🙂

4 06 2009

Please help me I’m doing my GCSEs and I’m only in year8 please help me.. i need some fun games nd stuff to help me remember everything because bbc bitesize is sooo boring

7 06 2009
amy b

please help me find some good revising games bbc bitesoze is boring an i have my end of year tests tomorahh :S:S:S:S:S x

10 06 2009

if you need help with maths go on http://www.conquermaths.com/index.php you can do it for free for about a week i think and its amazing! boring but so good!

6 08 2009

iv got loads of revision 2 do cus im takin my biology exam nxt week!!!! i need somink dat’ll help FAST!!!

5 01 2010

pleeeease help me ive got a lot to do aand i really want to pass all my tests and have all high grades in all subjects

21 01 2010

I need help

23 01 2010

Helpp please i am in bottom class and need too get my grades up and then i can move class helpp i am sick too death i got cyber bullied from the people in the class and theres only 4 girls and the reast boys only 16 all together ahhhh help mee 😦 xx

3 04 2010
Caitlin :-)

http://www.mathzone.co.uk is good for maths. I’m not sure about Literacy but don’t forget you can use books too. Sorry, but Bitesize IS the only website I know of that can do mutiple things for learning!!

14 04 2010
Xx Simi xX

oh i 4 got, if u wanna mor choice 4 maths, english & science then go bak 2 the basics & try http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk

i fink this will b betta!
<3<3<3 Xx Simi xX <3<3<3

4 06 2011

it is the best site ever for maths there booster packx really helped me they have lods of fun games 2

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