Over 16,000 Revisers

4 03 2010

Thank you for 16,000 revisers
Our blog has been up for around 4 years so thank you for the all the support we have had.

Thank You


Welcome Year Sixes!

31 01 2010


We know you need your revision, so why not do it here? Revision World, now in its cool third year with almost ten thousand hits, is your hub for all revision.

Here you’ll find:

  • Website Links
  • Lectures
  • Timetables

Don’t forget to check the classic Revision Question of the Week, which has been improved more than ever!

Please give your thoughts on the blog on the Comment Page, and what you want on the Demands Page.

Enjoy your revising!

Security – PLEASE READ!

31 01 2009

For security reasons, please could you only put your first name and initial letter of your surname. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Science In-Depth – The Paper

13 04 2009

The Science paper is orange. Not that you really needed to know that or anything…

The Science paper will usually give you an experiment and you have to say why something has happened, fill in a table… You get the point.

In case you were wondering, there are two Science papers, but they’re usually exactly the same (bar the questions, of course!)

There isn’t really much else to say about the paper itself.

The next In-Depth will be about the questions in the paper.

A New Look

13 04 2009

Ahh… A breath of fresh air from that red stripy theme, and into a streamlined black one.
Do you like our new theme? This is just one item on our SIP (Site Improvement Plan) that we have created. There’s a page all about it, if you want to know more.

Sorry for everything!

13 04 2009

It’s been a while, but we’re back!
We’ve been a bit busy so haven’t been able to update the blog.
But now Revision World has evolved – now it’s The Revision Hub, which is stocked with facts and revision games alike!
Welcome to a new revolution for revision!

Science In-Depth

13 04 2009

The In-Depth series is a new invention in which we’ll be looking into the tests and what you might get in them,
This week it’s Science!
We’ll be looking at what you’ll have to do in the tests, and some common questions.
We might even have some mock-ups.
Look out for English next week!

Revisers Ch@t

31 03 2009

Please use Revisers Ch@t (follow link- https://revisionworld.wordpress.com/reviser-cht/)

They need you